OTS Bodywork Massage
Uses long fluid gliding movements of light to medium pressure with kneading and limbs gently stretched. For Swedish massage gel is applied so a person does normally take off their clothing, leaving on what they need to feel comfortable. Draping is mandatory. Benefits of Swedish included relaxation, increased blood circulation. Can also soothe pain of osteoarthritis, rheumatism, arthritis and muscular spasm.
Hydro Friction (Salt Glows): detoxifies, tones and stimulates the skin. Increases circulation and draws water out (effective for reducing water retention). Hydro Cold: Ice massage increases joint mobilization, commonly stops swelling. Very important for muscular-skeletal disorder. Relieves/reduces muscular spasms and spasticity. Hydro Hot: Heat massage releases muscular spasms, chronic tension, pain and stiffness, along with lactic acid buildup.
Joint Mobilization
Is a form of bodywork using slow small gentle movements of the joints. Benefits include increased blood flow, maintain joint mobility, and relief of pain and stiffness from joints.
Somatics (Hanna)
Slow conscious movements, stretches, to assist in releasing the holding pattern of the body. Benefits include the decrease of chronic pain and muscular spasm with increased joint mobilization.
Assists in injury prevention and the loss of mobility. Releases lactic acid build up, assisting in better cell nutrition, normalization and overall relaxation. Increases performance and endurance
Shiatsu / Accu-pressure
Is an Eastern massage using hand and thumb pressure on pressure points. Individuals are dressed wearing light lose fitting clothing. Benefits relieve sciatica, whiplash, and alleviates stresses
Rocking and Shaking
Gentle rocking and shaking of the body, effecting the body in a deep level. Benefits include lubrication of the joints, decreases stiffness in joints, increases circulation, is relaxing, soothes and energizes.
Is a  light touch and is beneficial for individuals with acute pain that are sensitive to touch.
Foot Reflexology
Helps to stimulate circulation of the body fluids, helps to promote self healing releases toxins, benefits parts of the body injured or can’t be touched.
Deep Tissue
Is directed toward the deeper tissue of the muscle and fascia, aims to effect the various layers of fascia that supports muscle tissues to loosen bonds between layers of connective tissue
Soft Tissue
Breaks down unwanted fibrous adhesions to restore mobility in the muscles. This method broadens the fibrous tissue of the muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments.
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Erik Dalton's Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy
deep - tissue, fascial mobilization and joint stretching techniques for pain management.
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